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Stony Brook


Each lamp base in the North Union and Hopewell Collections is made one at a time using the slab construction technique.

After many hours of pounding, rolling, cutting, constructing, paddling and hand-molding the stoneware clay, each piece is incised with decorative reliefs that render each lamp base a unique work of art.

After days of slow drying, the piece is ‘bisque’ fired, carefully glazed, then fired again in the kiln to over 2100 degrees F. Only then is it ready to be wired and fitted with the perfect shade.

The Stony Brook Collection consists of both hand-built clay and cast concrete bases connected to the bulb socket through metallic tubing.

All the clay and concrete work is done by ceramic artist Jim Webb at the studio where he signs and numbers each piece.

Our mica shades are trimmed with woven fabric and decorative cording in colors that complement the hues found in the mica.

Paper shades, created from Lokta handmade paper imported from Nepal, are also available.